How to Delete Users

How to Delete Users

To delete a user from having access to your Sivil account

  1. Select each box individually or select all users listed on the page by clicking the box next to the header, first name. To deselect all users click deselect icon
delete user-select

2. Click on Delete 

delete user-delete

3. Click Delete to confirm or cancel to end the request

delete user-sure

NOTE: This action is permanent and cannot be undone.  

User Profile

A user profile is automatically created once registration is complete. Users can update their photo, first name, last name, and phone number.

How To View Users Profile

To access a user profile:

  1. From the Users module, click on any row to select a user. 


2. Click Profile Icon located on every module, in the right upper corner

How To Edit Profile

Every user can edit and update their profile. To update user profiles:

  1. Click Edit Profile

2. Update the desired fields (photo, first name, last name, or phone number)

3. Click Save to finalize changes or cancel to discard

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