The Users module shows all users (Administrators, Investigators, and Guest) who have access to your organization’s Sivil account. Within the Users module, administrators can add or delete users and assign specific roles in the organization.


Filter Options: Ability to filter cases 

Sort: Ability to sort results 

Actions: Ability to delete one or more users at once 

Invite User: Ability to invite users to use your Sivil account 

Available Invitations: Show how many invitations you have remaining for your account subscription 

Data Columns:

First Name: Shows first name of employee/guest 
Last Name: Shows last name of employee/guest
Phone: Shows phone number of employee/guests
Email: Shows email of employee/guest
Role: Shows the role of employee/guest
Date Added: Shows when employee/guest gained access to the system

Filter and Sort

Every module offers filter and sort options to help navigate results.


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