How to Match a Field

How to Match a Field

  1. On each line, view to see if field was correctly automatically matched



2. If the field is correctly matched click, Confirm Mapping and proceed to the next line.
a. If a field is incorrectly mapped or not matched, click the down caret and select the appropriate field. Click, confirm Mapping when complete and repeat confirmation for remaining lines.

3. Once all mapping is confirmed, click Continue

Note: The Sivil system does not allow duplicate rows to be selected. 

Note: If all fields do not have a value entered when importing, a warning is shown. Please go back and enter missing data, if applicable. 


The last stage of importing files allows users to preview uploaded content, view errors, and view blank data fields. 

Users may choose to correct data or continue importing content into the Sivil system; however, rows with errors will not be imported into the Sivil system.

Errors Explained

Misspelling: The Sivil system has default responses for some fields. In this example, the Type column available fields are compliment, complaint, inquiry, referral, and other. The error occurred because complaint was misspelled. Please correct the original CSV file and import it again.

Not a valid selection: What best describes you section has default responses to choose from (city resident, local business owner, visitor to the city, city police employee, city, other government employee, or other). The option inputted into the original CSV file uploaded does not match available options for the column. Please correct the original CSV file and re-import it into the Sivil database.

Duplicate: The Sivil system does not allow for duplicate case numbers. Please edit the original CSV file and re-upload the file into the Sivil system.

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