Procedure: Filter Results

Procedure: Filter Results

  1. Click on the filter icon
case filter-filter

2. Standard filter features are displayed. Filter by: Type, Tracking Number, Created Date, Name, Assign To, and Status. To generate results, click Apply.

case filter-apply

Click cancel to close filter options

Filters Description:

Type: Shows type of case (compliment, complaint, inquiry, referral, or other)
Tracking Number: Enter all or a portion of a tracking number to generate results. 
Created Date: Filters results by selecting a date range
Name: Allows users to filter by entering civilian, witness, or officers name
Assigned To*: Filters by the investigator assigned to the case
Status*: Filters by case status (received, in-progress, or closed)

3. To access advance filter options, click Advanced Filters. Filter by Source, Reporter, Allegation, Disposition, and Discipline. To generate results, click Apply.

  • Click cancel to close filter options

Advance Filters Description:

Source: Filters how each compliment or complaint was initially reported before being entered into the Sivil system (Online, In Person, Email, Phone, or Other)
Reporter: Filter results by who entered the compliment or complaint into the Sivil system (Civilian, Civilian Oversight, Internal Affairs, or Other)
Allegation: Filters (multi-select) results by allegations reported (Use of Force, Abuse of Authority, Discourtesy, Offensive Language, or Lack of Service)
Disposition: Filter (multi-select) by dispositions (Sustained, Not Sustained, Unfounded, Improper Conduct, or Policy Failure)
Discipline: Filters (multi-select) by discipline to officers (Counseled, Letter of Reprimand, Suspension, Demotion, Dismissal, Resignation, No Further Action, or Other)

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